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theGeoZone.com is the collaboration of two Master Geologists and two Computer Science professionals who are avocational geologists. The content presented on this website reflects the product of over twenty-five years of this team's in-depth research into the pertinent literature, followed by field investigation of the legend and lore of each lost gold mine of the American Southwest.

We hope you enjoy reading our presentation of these tales as much as we do researching and compiling this fascinating historical information -- and validating our observations during extended trips in the remote wilderness and high-country throughout the American Southwest.

We bring you only the most reliable of such tales on this website. Well beyond "armchair explorers", we have together endured countless months surviving the unpredictable weather and extreme hardships of exploring the high altitude, desert, and extreme backcountry of the American Southwest, and not without its hazards, examining the details surrounding each of these legends firsthand. All of the photographs that you see on this website were taken by us during our reconnaissance and exploration trips over the last twenty-five years.

We think you will find theGeoZone.com to be the most unique and reliable source for information regarding the Lost Treasure Mines of the American Southwest! To learn more, see our state index here .

All of the content on this website reflects original material written by our investigators and is Copyright © Geology Park, L.L.C. Please see our Terms of Use below.


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